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NICOSIA Authentic Preston Smith Jersey , March 26 (Xinhua) -- Cyprus court bailiffs impounded Attorney General Costas Clerides' official car to pay a state debt resulting from land expropriation.

The bailiffs went to the attorney general's office brandishing court writs authorizing the seizure of state property to pay a debt the government incurred a long time ago when it requisitioned private land to build a public school.

The construction of the school was put off because of the island's economic crisis but the owner of the land had obtained a court writ authorizing the impounding of government property.

A similar bid to impound the official car of the interior ministry some months ago was successfully fought off.

However, Attorney General Costas Clerides said he would not prevent the execution of a legal court order.

"My personal view is that both the state and state officials have been humiliated by this incident but I felt I could not stand in the way of court officials executing a lawful court order" Authentic Brandon Scherff Jersey , the Attorney General said.

Clerides directed the driver of the car to empty it of any official documents and handed the car keys to the bailiffs, who carried the car away on a platform.

He was driven home in his personal guard's car.

The owner of the land intends to sell the vehicle in a public auction to get a small part of about 5 million euros (6.9 million U.S. dollars) owed to him by the government.


UNITED NATIONS, Jan. 17 (Xinhua) -- A high-ranking UN official Tuesday commended Chinese President Xi Jinping for his remarks on globalization in Davos, saying the remarks are ""very positive.""

Lenni Montiel, UN Assistant Secretary-General for Economic Development, told Xinhua that Xi sent ""a strong message"" to the world by defending globalization and condemning protectionism in his speech delivered at the Davos World Economic Forum.

""The call and position are to ensure that we do not go back to protectionist policies,"" said Montiel.

""That (if going back to protectionism) will definitely affect the well-being of the population, and definitely affect the rate of economic growth,"" he said.

President Xi said Tuesday that globalization has powered worldwide growth and should not be blamed for the problems in the world.

""Fundamentally, this position of defending globalization has always been a consistent position of the United Nations,"" said Montiel, adding that it's ""so important"" and ""so relevant"" today.

Montiel highly commended Xi for his attending the Davos Forum, saying ""it's very important for the rest of the world.""

""The Chinese leader's going to Davos and having a clear position are very, very positive,"" said Montiel, who also attended the launch event of the UN annual economic report on world economic situation and prospects.

He told a press conference that in the United Nations, there has always been support for globalization, noting that ""it has never been a question.""

""In the same way, in the United Nations, there has always been attention and a very strong call to ensure economic policies address the needs of all members of the population,"" he said.

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The non-complex structure of the tablet duster lets you to easily remove the motor section from the base by pulling just the interlock pin beneath. The three-leg base keeps the machine at level and allows flexibility while fitting it next to the tablet press. There is also a provision for vacuum attachment for collecting dusts. The compact entry and exit of the machine allows the use of large totes. This also ensures that the tablets can be inserted into the unit from any side with 360 degree adjustability.

A tablet press accounts for a mechanical device that compresses powder into tablets of uniform size and weight. These machines for making tablets offer huge reliability and ease of operation in manufacturing a wide range of tablets, that too at a very affordable pricing. To form tablets Authentic Samaje Perine Jersey , the granulated material or the powder has to be metered into a cavity which is formed of two punches and a die. On pressing the punches with great force, the material gets fused together. The tablet is formed by the combined action of the two punches and the die.

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