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by Keren Setton

JERUSALEM Nikita Kucherov Lightning Jersey , July 27 (Xinhua) -- Shooting live ammunition, neutralizing "attackers," training with former military commandos ... Israel's anti-terrorism camps give tourists a taste of Israeli army life with quick counter-terrorism workshops.

Despite that the majority of tourists in Israel are usually attracted to its religious sites and vast history, anti-terrorism camps are sprouting around the country as a new trend in tourism.

The drive to Caliber 3, an Israeli counter-terror and security academy, crosses through the controversial settlement bloc of Gush Etzion in the West Bank.

Initially Steven Stamkos Lightning Jersey , it was an institution for training of security professionals, both Israelis and foreigners.

Its founder, Sharon Gat, a former Israeli military officer, saw the potential in tourism and opened a few years ago the academy's gates to tourists who want a different experience.

Around 500,000 tourists have already participated in a range of programs that let them shoot live ammunition and rub shoulder to shoulder with former military commandos Mikhail Sergachev Womens Jersey , said Gat.

On a hot summer afternoon, a dozen of tourists gathered in an air-conditioned briefing room upon commands from a uniform clad and armed guide, also their instructor.

He asked the group questions about their perceptions on terrorism. It was a quick conversation.

The chill in the room was soon replaced with scorching heat at a shooting range. The tourists, most from the United States and one from Finland, were soon bending down to do push-ups as their instructor barked orders at them.

Live fire is heard at almost all times.

The group appeared fascinated by the explanations they got. In one scene, a guide on the site showed them how he and his companion Nikita Kucherov Womens Jersey , an attack dog, are completely synchronized, with the dog taking quiet signals and acting accordingly.

They also recreated a scene of a shooting attack at a crowded market. As they pretend to walk around, live fire suddenly interrupted the calm and they all ducked for shelter as the attackers, more accurately posters of them, were being neutralized by their guides.

Miika Vahakangas Steven Stamkos Womens Jersey , a Finnish tourist, was satisfied with the experience.

"I've never done this type of thing, it's just pure interesting thing to do," he said. "I thought I knew much more about this kind of activity but actually I know really, really little bit and it's really amazing."

But for some, the taste of Israeli life may actually serve as a deterrent.

Israel's incoming tourism is lagging Adidas Mikhail Sergachev Jersey , with over 3 million visitors annually. While a country packed with history and holy site.

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